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                Dean’s Welcome message


                ——Prof.Yumin ZHUANG, Dean of SFRUC, Member of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) of China

                “ As the1st school thateveroffered advanced finance coursesin China,SFRUC has well established itself as a leader in finance high education in China and abroad. For decades, we have cultivated a number of outstanding graduates,who havebecomevery important contributors and even top decision makers in China’s financial system.

                Today, in our persistentendeavor of internationalization, MSF as a signature program has attracted students from nearly 20 countriessince its launch in 2010. Now under the Belt and Road Initiative, more and more international students are interested in knowing China’s economy, finance, capital market and doing business in China. The MSF program provides a great platform for international studentsto master financial expertise and better engage with China’s business and entrepreneurship wave in this digital age.”